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Neil Andrew:

I find Tonys lessons a pleasure to go to. Learning to play guitar did not come easy to me but his patience and method of teaching quickly gave me the confidence and ability to play fairly competently within a few weeks. The great thing was that after a short while, he allowed me to pick some of my favourite tunes and then taught me how to play them. A big learning incentive I felt.


Ben Goode:

‘I attended lessons with Tony for 5 [years] from the ages of 11-16. I started lessons with the intention of learning to read music rather than learn a new instrument, but he also helped me curve my genre and appreciate different playing styles. After attending these lessons I managed to achieve an A* in GCSE Music and can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without Tony.’



Great guitar lessons. I started lessons with the intention of just learning how to bang out power chords but Tony introduced me to different styles and now I'm a big Blues fan and love improvising. I've learnt my power chords as well of course



I wanted to learn accordion for years and at age 73 I started lessons with Tony.  I didn't think I had it in me but within a few months I was playing some simple tunes.  Really enjoyable lessons that I also treat as a social event.  Thanks Tony



Now not only do I listen to Johnny Cash I can play along to him as well!



I love playing piano but found it hard to read the music.  Tony is helping me to read by being patient and giving me tunes that I enjoy playing


An email from a lady in New Zealand who is learning the accordion by using my free YouTube lessons:


Dear Tony


I am an 84 year Dutch woman living in New Zealand.  I have been playing the violin in an orchestra for 50 years.

3 weeks ago I bought an 80 bass accordion and I am at lesson 6 on youtube and you are my teacher.

I feel as if I know you now.  I want to send you this email, because I am so grateful getting these lessons for free.

I can’t play the piano, so I had to start from scratch.  Not totally from scratch, because I know all about music theory, but I find it hard to do both hands at the same time.  I understand that I must be patient with myself.

My husband also wants to learn and he is getting his accordion in 2 weeks time.  We also bought a book to teach yourself, but I like your lessons better.

I wonder how far you take us and all that for free. I wanted to thank you. I hope the lessons will go way past number 10….

I also looked at other accordion teachers on youtube, but I keep coming back to yours as you are so clear and methodical.  I also like your English accent.

I have lived in New Zealand for 50 years and I still have a Dutch accent.

I hope to get good on the accordion. I hope to learn Tangos and South American music, Gypsy or Russian.

There is an accordion club here in town  - Tauranga the nicest place in the north island with lovely climate and beautiful white sandy beach.

As soon as I can play with both hands and my husband has his accordion and knows a little about it, we will be going to that accordion club.

I am so enjoying your lessons.  THANK YOU!!



Kind regards from J*******